Orange Landscape

Sometimes, I wish flowers were as large as this one looks in this photo. Can you imagine walking along the soft, smooth landscape of this flower?

When bright flowers bloom
Parchment crumbles, my words fade
The pen has dropped
- Morpheus

Purple Society Garlic

I love the delicate petals and long stems and leaves of Society Garlics.





The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.
- Basho

Zebra Leaf


This is a close-up of a leaf with a beautiful yellow and green pattern. I like to inspect things closely, including flowers and leaves.

This is one of the images I am planning on one day framing and hanging on my living room wall.

As with all my work, whether it's a leaf on a rock or ice on a rock, I'm trying to get beneath the surface appearance of things. Working the surface of a stone is an attempt to understand the internal energy of the stone.
- Andy Goldsworthy

Umbrella Frames

These flowers look like upside-down umbrella frames. I'm not sure what they are called. Anyone who knows, please leave a comment!

Each flower is a soul opening out to nature.
- Gerald De Nerval

Water Lillies

My trip to the arboretum was fantastic despite the oppressive heat. I packed batteries, water, and my trusty camera and happily took these shots. Here come the water lillies first. The rest, I will post in the following entries over the next few days/weeks. I may do this weekly.

Anyway, I hope you like them.

white water lily by Flowers : Photography

purple water lily by Flowers : Photography

yellow water lily by Flowers : Photography

yellow water lily  by Flowers : Photography

A very vibrant hibiscus


Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers

Flowers : Photography

Flowers : Photography is my hobby.

I love taking pictures and will spend hours taking them and playing with them digitally.

I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I did taking them and learning as I go.

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