The Coneflower and the Horseman's Star Flower

hippeastrum flower photo
The "horseman's star" flower, or Hippeastrum flower
This plant is also called "knight's star" and was named by Honorable Reverend William Herbert, Dean of Manchester for it's resemblance to, of all things, a weapon called "morning star". This weapon was used by horsemen during the medieval times. Behold:

morning star
Thank you, Wikipedia! Scary looking, no? (I can only kind of, sort of see the resemblance, though.)

coneflower and bug friend
The Coneflower
You almost can't see the bug that's camouflaged so well on the flower.

In Flowers : Photography news, I have been busy playing around with a logo. The process of designing the logo is great fun, but I tend to be a little bit picky, so although I have narrowed it down to two options, it will probably be a while before I place it on the blog. So far, I really like the two that I have.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I had a late night at the studio, and I am so glad it's finally Friday again.

Daylilies - Power of Light

Daylilies have such interesting names and varieties. Some of them are bold and strong; others, like this one, are soft and delicate. This one is called Power of Light.

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