Today's Flower Photo: Wicked Lady

This is one of my favorites from all the flower photos I've taken. Aptly called Wicked Lady, this Daylilly is quite the sensual flower, isn't it?

Pet Photos

I'd like to introduce everyone to my little boy, Cam. I got him when he was less than 10 weeks old, I think, and boy, has he grown since. And I thought kids grew fast. Below, he is trying on his Dracula outfit for size and playing the role with his toy.

And when he's not playing, he's napping, one of the 3 things he loves to do most (the other 2 are eating and playing.)

He is a naughty but sweet kitten, and plays and naps a lot. He's also pretty smart—he consistently responds to me to come to where I'm pointing to and sits when I pat his bum and say, "Sit."

I love flowers, but animals, this little dude especially, are wonderful to take pictures of. It's a bit of a challenge getting the right angle and catching them in a great pose...heck, keeping them still is hard enough.

I have more animal photos here if you missed it and are interested in looking.

Back at Last

These past few months have been extremely busy with the move, work, and a legal proceeding that I had to go through just recently. Work has been the most stressful, and it still is, but things have gotten better; hence, here I am. Oh, and did I mention I have a new kitten? You will be seeing a lot of my little boy soon.

Anyway, without further ado:

flower-photography: pink flowers

Pink Flower. I'm not sure what this is called, but as you may have noticed, most of the flower photos I take come from my strolls around my neighborhood. This is one of them.

Daffodils. This one, I ventured out to take. There was a big bed of these, and I went to town taking them, but out of the many shots that I took, a couple of them looked just about right—this one, and the one below:

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