Interesting Pink Flowers

pink flowers

I'm not sure what these flowers are called, but they sure captured by attention when I saw them. The long, slim buds look like fingers pointing up to the sky, and the petals, after full blossom, look like crepe paper.


Pete said...

Very, very interesting flowers. I like them.

earthtoholly said...

Wow, those are quite interesting...haven't seen anything like them around here (Virginia). Very nice capture!

Dee said... was the first time I've seen them when I took these images, and the second time I saw these (in white) was from another blog! Unfortunately, he doesn't know what they are called either, I don't think.

Holly...those long buds separate out into 5 petals, it looks like, before rolling into themselves, and one stalk has a big ball of these buds and blossoms!

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